Services and Fees

“When I’m caring for you, I want you to feel like I’m caring for you and your baby alone.” – Tracey

Services & FEES

I am committed to delivering a high standard of thorough care that requires time, patience, compassion and appropriate follow up. My aim is to provide a lactation diagnosis if there is one and manage the cause not just your symptoms. Using my 3 decades of paediatric & neonatal nursing knowledge and practicing using evidence based lactation research I aim to provide all my clients with advice that has been proven to work and is safe. My efforts support your efforts and help get you on a path to a breastfeeding journey where you and your baby are thriving and happy.

All my consultations are not just an in and out home visit. They all come with extra support that continues beyond my presence in your home.

You are likely to only require 1 consultation as they are extremely thorough and informative.

My initial post natal consultation sets you up for success not repeated visits.

Initial post-natal in home lactation consultation $250

Follow- up in home lactation consultation $150

Antenatal in home lactation & baby care education consultation $200

Breast examination & management consultation $150

Return to work breastfeeding home consultation. $150

Phone consultation $80

Additional SMS subscription support $40 per week

Gift vouchers are available for all my services and make a wonderful practical and valuable gift for any new parent.

All my consultations include 1 week of SMS support.

I am waiting to help you!

See below for more information about all my services & what is included.

Initial postnatal in-home consultation $250

($250 Virtual)

First in home breastfeeding consultation in your home for after your baby is born, whether you have a newborn or older baby. To thoroughly assess both you and your baby to identify the cause for any breastfeeding issues. Time is spent to take a full history and provide thorough assessments. This is where we get to the root cause of your concerns and you get the specialised breastfeeding support and care you need. This consultation sets you up with all the education and advice you require to start on your breastfeeding journey or to continue on after a bump in your road. Whether it’s assisting with a lactation diagnosis, assessment of your breasts or baby, managing breastfeeding issues or teaching the many skills involved in feeding and caring for your baby, this consultation is jam packed full of knowledge and specialised advice & support.


Lactation home consultation (2- 3 hours)

Follow up via SMS or phone as required for the week following your consultation to provide support and an opportunity to reassess and tweak your management plan.

Written breastfeeding management plan.

Full pumping assessment & correct fitting of pump flanges

Weighing of your baby if required.

Liaison and referral to other specialised health professionals as required.

Travel costs up to 1 hour round trip

I am happy to travel, longer travel times incur a small travel charge -( see terms & conditions page)

Follow up home consultation $150

($130 virtual)

Follow up breastfeeding consultation in your home after your baby is born. To provide further assessment and reassessment of how your management plan is working. We look at what progress has been made and what changes need to be made to keep you and your baby moving in the right direction. Some breastfeeding issues are more complex and need more time to work through. Sometimes new issues arise after our first consultation and require further assessment. My mission is to guide you through and help you navigate a path to successful breastfeeding. If you would like me by your side for a bit longer then that’s ok too. Follow up consultations are highly valuable and instrumental in increasing your confidence to breastfeed and care for your baby.


  • In home lactation consultation (1.5 – 2 hours)
  • follow up and support for a week following your consultation via phone/SMS as required.
  • Weighing of your baby if required.
  • Revised written breastfeeding plan.
  • Liaison with health professionals if required.
  • Travel costs up to 1 hour round trip. ( a small travel charge applies for longer travel times)

Breast examination & management consultation $150

This a a shorter home consultation that focuses on maternal breast examination and assessment. If you are concerned about your breasts while breastfeeding, I can help you to get the correct diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment. If you think that you have any signs of mastitis or a blockage, I can provide a full breast assessment and help manage any symptoms, investigate the cause & provide education to prevent any future reoccurrence. I will advise if further treatment or investigation is necessary & refer/liaise with other health providers as required.

I can help you to avoid unnecessary antibiotics and diagnose and treat inflammatory mastitis appropriately, resolving symptoms quickly.

I can help with investigating nipple and breast pain and get to the root cause. I provide a full and thorough pain assessment not just a band-aid fix approach.

1 week of SMS and phone follow up if required is included with this consultation for ongoing assessment of symptoms.

Phone consultations are available for very early signs or concerns with mastitis and blockages. If deemed appropriate and no physical examination necessary. These are $80 and include ongoing SMS follow up to ensure symptoms are improving & resolving.

Baby care/feedingSMS support subscriptions

Buy by the week or the month

My mums and families love the SMS support I provide to them that follows all my lactation consultations.

Once this week of extra support expires, many of my families don’t want to lose their SMS connection with me.

This subscription gives you the opportunity to extend this valuable service beyond the time period included in my consultation packages. You get personalised VIP messaging support to ask all your breastfeeding, feeding and baby related questions that pop up along the way. There is a minefield of conflicting feeding & baby advice out there! You get access to my extensive breastfeeding expertise, baby knowledge and advice which is underpinned by over 3 decades of paediatric and neonatal nursing experience and training. Consistent and trusted education prevents early cessation of breastfeeding and the worry and stress that comes with receiving inappropriate advice and information. The continuation of my support helps to keep you motivated and growing in confidence as your baby and breastfeeding/feeding journey changes. It is valuable support whether you are breastfeeding, mixed feeding or formula feeding. You can still have me in your corner to help you navigate the care of your baby and provide reassurance as they grow.

Phone consultations

$80 (Includes 1 week of unlimited SMS support)

Phone consultations are appropriate when wanting to ask questions and no physical assessment is required of the mother and baby. If a physical assessment is required to provide accurate information and a high standard of care, then a home consultation will be recommended upon booking.
Phone consultations are great for mums and parents wanting advice about breastfeeding and returning to work, weaning, introducing baby to other foods and many other topics that arise as your breastfeeding bub grows and your journey changes.

Antenatal home lactation education session $200

($180 Virtual)

  • 1.5 – 2 hour antenatal lactation consultation and education session in your home tailored to individual needs and levels of knowledge.
  • Practical advice, tips and shared knowledge about what to expect after your baby is born.
  • Parents and other significant others encouraged to attend.
  • Covers teaching of hand expressing for antenatal expression.
  • Provision of handy and easily accessible resources for after baby arrives.
  • One week of SMS support after baby arrives to ask further questions.
  • includes travel costs to your home up to 1 hour round trip (a small travel charge is applied for longer travel times)

Antenatal breastfeeding consultations are highly valuable. They tend not to be high on an expecting parents agenda during preparations for their babies birth, which is a shame . After a baby is born, a mums or parents world becomes all about breastfeeding/feeding and settling their new baby!
Having some breastfeeding knowledge, learning about the skill of hand expression and having the opportunity to ask questions before the birth of your baby, give’s you a head start and builds confidence for what’s to come . Developing your own relationship with a personal breastfeeding expert prior to the birth of your baby gives you the peace of mind that you do have extra help and support at your finger tips, if you need it. knowledge is empowering and having supports in place is reassuring.

Return to work home breastfeeding consultation $150

($100 virtual)

Ideal for preparing to return to work. Have me help you during this stressful transition. Support, planning and advice to reduce the stress associated with leaving your baby while continuing to breastfeed.


  • In home lactation consultation (1-1.5 hrs)
  • follow up SMS support for 1 week
  • Liaison with other health professionals and workplace if required.
  • Written plan
  • Travel costs included up to 1 hour round trip

After hours home consultations – can be provided subject to my availability. If you have been sent home with your new baby and you are struggling to feed your baby I can come and help you. These consultation’s attract a $100 call out fee on top of my standard consultation fees.

Virtual sessions available for all consultation types and are provided by a secure video link.

Investing money in an IBCLC can save you $1500-$2000 in formula costs in the first year of a babies life!

Not to mention the investment you are making in your baby’s and your own physical and emotional health.

I also support mums who are unable to breastfeed or are mixed feeding, exclusively pumping or bottle feeding. My help and support does not discriminate against any parents wishes or struggles to breastfeed. My aim is to provide the most accurate and most helpful information and advice to best support any new parent whatever their situation.

My business is based in Cockatoo, I am more than happy to travel to help mums and babies. An additional travel cost of $30 will be charged for home consultations requiring travel in excess of 1 hour round trip travel time. For extended travel times in excess of 2 hours round trip a $50 travel fee is applied.

All SMS and phone support is provided 8am-8pm 7 days per week and responded to in a timely manner (see terms and conditions for further information)

Extended home consultations can be offered beyond the duration described in the packages. These attract an additional fee of $50 per each extra 30mins. Any extension of time and additional charge is discussed and accepted by both parties before proceeding.

All payments can be paid by direct credit (details are provided when booking) Payment is appreciated prior to consultations for confirmation

If you are looking for a passionate and highly compassionate breastfeeding health professional to help you and support you then you have found the right person

Contact Tracey for more information and to book in.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and being able to help you.

Some of the ways I can help you and your precious baby?

  • My support increases your confidence
  • I can provide reassurance, knowledge and education that helps to reduce the fear and worry that comes with feeding problems and the care of a new baby
  • I can increase your knowledge about breastfeeding and caring for baby before your baby is born, to give you a head start with breastfeeding
  • I can help support your transition into motherhood by teaching about normal biological expected baby behaviour and how to adapt to the demands that come with nurturing a new tiny “human being”
  • I can support chestfeeding and trans gender parenting
  • My care has a big ” mental health” focus, support and referral is part of my role as a lactation consultant. Nurturing, protecting and supporting a new mothers mental health is something I am very passionate about.
  • I am comfortable and experienced in supporting new mums with existing mental health conditions – breastfeeding is often more challenging in the presence of mental health conditions and requires extra attention, expertise and care.
  • Help with educating fathers, partners and other family members about breastfeeding and involving them in feeding.
  • Fixing latching issues & helping you to achieve a comfortable latch
  • Help with experimenting with a variety of breastfeeding positions
  • Addressing any pain associated with breastfeeding
  • Help with low supply issues
  • Help with oversupply issues and fast forceful let downs
  • Guidance with medications and breastfeeding
  • Guidance with suspected baby allergy or intolerances and referral to specialists in this area as required
  • Weight and growth assessment
  • Help with the diagnosis of any medical problems that may be impacting on your bodies ability to make milk – referral to breastfeeding medical specialists if required
  • Help with breastfeeding after breast surgery or augmentation.
  • Help with nipple pain
  • Help with preventing and treating nipple damage/trauma and wound healing
  • Help with breastfeeding when you have inverted or flat nipples.
  • Help with preventing/diagnosing and managing mastitis
  • Help with managing blockages or any concerns in your breast
  • Help with managing engorgement
  • Help with any pain you are experiencing in your breast
  • Infant oral assessments and evaluation of oral functioning that may be impacting on your babies ability to breastfeed effectively.
  • Support with the diagnosis of any oral restrictions (ties) that may be impacting on breastfeeding. Referral to providers who can provide further assessment and treatment if required.
  • Help with expressing and pumping
  • Pumping assessment – checking all equipment and sizing of pump flanges, assessing any pain or trauma associated with pumping
  • Teaching of hand expression
  • Help with cleaning, sterilising and storage and use of any expressed breastmilk
  • Help with topping up plans (by bottle, cup or SNS)
  • Help with mixed feeding
  • Help with formula preparation
  • Help with knowing how much to feed your baby and assessing if they are getting enough milk
  • Help with a baby who is experiencing slow weight gain
  • Help to breastfeed a baby with medical problems or prematurity
  • Help with feeding a small baby or sleepy baby
  • Help with weaning off a nipple shield
  • Help with mixed feeding
  • Help with transitioning from bottles to the breast
  • Help with a baby who is fussy or refusing the breast
  • Help with a baby who won’t take a bottle
  • Help with returning to work and breastfeeding
  • Help with introducing other foods
  • Help with babies who are biting when Breastfeeding
  • Help with unsettled babies and babies with colic
  • Help with concerns about your baby vomiting after feeding.
  • Help with concerns about your baby’s bowel actions
  • Help and advice around burping and wind
  • Help with feeding twins and multiples
  • Help and support for mums with IGT and needing to use a supply line.
  • Help, support and understanding for any mums experiencing unusual feelings or symptoms when breastfeeding and/or pumping.
  • Help and support for mums suffering from breast dermatitis or other skin conditions impacting the breast
  • Help with tandem feeding (feeding an older child as well as a newborn)
  • Help with managing breastfeeding when separated from your baby to attend a social engagement or appointment
  • Help with night weaning
  • Help with weaning breastfeeding
  • Help with breastfeeding a baby with a nasogastric tube or any type of medical equipment

Let’s get started.

Gift vouchers are available and make great baby shower gifts.