Your own breastfeeding health professional at your finger tips and by your side.

support in your own home

Eastern Ranges Lactation understands that no one breastfeeding journey is the same. My mission is to help you navigate this often challenging time by providing you with one-on-one personalised support tailored to you, your baby, family and lifestyle.

I can help you if you are experiencing breastfeeding difficulties that require a thorough lactation assessment from an IBCLC. I can also help and support you to increase your breastfeeding knowledge and skills and teach you how to care for your new baby.

I have a special interest and expertise in the prevention and management of mastitis. I also have a special interest and expertise in supporting parents experiencing perinatal or pre existing mental health illnesses.

I can help you turn what can often be an overwhelming experience into an empowering journey!

Sharing my knowledge and skills with you ensures you give breastfeeding your precious baby your “best shot”.
Your efforts and determination are supported by my passion to really help you and my mission is to offer you the best and most appropriate advice I can provide.

You have me one -on- one, and in the comfort of your own home, I come to you!

I work with you and your baby to ensure your breastfeeding desires and values are preserved.
We work with expectations and limitations to ensure your efforts are supported and aligned with what you are comfortable doing.

My support extends to mums and parents who are unable to breastfeed, who are mixed feeding, chestfeeding, exclusively pumping or bottle feeding. My services are non discriminatory and my mission while promoting the benefits of breastfeeding, is to align my support with each individual parents desires, values and situation.

“Respect” is a corner stone in my service delivery.

“My service to my parents and babies does not end with the consultation”

My support & services extend beyond your home appointment , with follow up and extended support built into all my consultations.

If you are looking for a dedicated, highly compassionate, passionate and respectful health care professional, then you have found the right person!

Hiring me as your private personal lactation consultant gives you the “gift” of my time. No rushing, just buckets of knowledge, education, skills and patience to share with you. You also not only get access to my breastfeeding knowledge and expertise but also my 30 plus years of paediatric and neonatal nursing experience! I know a lot about babies!

One step at a time we work together to build your confidence.

I am the perfect person to provide the reassurance you are looking for.

I want to take care of YOU while we are working on the breastfeeding.

Please contact me for further information.


Email traceydavey@easternrangeslactation.com

Text 0407 810 034

Dedication, Passion, Compassion, Respect, Patience, Excellence in Care